CLAAP! is a one-of-a-kind DJ / producer from Paris.

He is a very talented artist with sharp production skills and a well versed DJ who has been booked all over the world.

With over 10 years behind the decks, CLAAP! always has the right track for the right time. Whether it's from the most intimate and exclusive clubs such as Le Baron to festivals, private parties, pool parties, radio shows and cocktails — CLAAP! selection is sonic seduction in the air while hypnotizing the crowd with exclusive delights from his producer friends or with his own unique edits, remixes and original productions.


CLAAP! and DJ / singer SANTANA team up often to delight every audience they perform for. Their collaborations emphasize their unique chemistry and their productions are featured on Tim Sweeney's Beats in Space famous show, Louis Vuitton’s homepage, at the edgy parisian Chez Colette digital store, on quality french radios such as Radio Nova and on many compilations such as famous magazine Technikart's first compilation.

Recently, they released some tracks on Yuksek's Partyfine and on Berlin label Exploited Records, they have been collaborating with different artists such as Feadz (Ed Banger) or Mike Simonetti (2MR, ex-Italians Do It Better) and got charted in RA Top 50 for April 2016.

Supported by artists such as Pete Tong, Erol Alkan, dOP, Tim Sweeney, Aeroplane, Digitalism, Todd Edwards, Yuksek, Pedro Winter, Yolanda Be Cool, German Brigante, DJ Paulette, Anoraak, Chloé, Jennifer Cardini and many more, CLAAP! & Santana have been dropping their sweet and unique sound in festivals and venues all around the world — International Film Festival (Cannes), Paradise City (Brussels), Calvi On the Rocks (Corsica), Decks On The Beach (Beirut), Le Bain (NYC), Wanderlust (Paris), Le Baron (Tokyo, NYC, Paris), Leonor (Mexico City), The Rooftop at The Standard (LA), etc.


+ 10 years DJing experienceIntimate exclusive clubs (e.g. Le Baron Tokyo, NYC, Paris), big festivals and big venues, private parties, pool parties, corporate events, cocktails, radio shows, etc.
+ Eclectic, good musicFrom underground house and disco to hip hop, reggae or techno, each mix is a new story written with the audience
+ Producing2MR, Partyfine, Exploited, La Belle, The Gum Club
+ AirplayRinse, Beats In Space, Radio Nova, FG, The Lot Radio, Dublab, Faubourg Simone, Mellotron, etc.
+ SoundtracksLouis Vuitton, Hugo Boss, Vogue x Marks and Spencer, Playboy, etc.
+ CompilationsTechnikart Magazine, Shir Khan's Secret Gold, French Touch, Electro Lab, etc.
+ SupportPete Tong, Erol Alkan, dOP, Tim Sweeney, Aeroplane, Digitalism, Michel Gaubert, Todd Edwards, Yuksek, Pedro Winter, Yolanda Be Cool, German Brigante, Xinobi, DJ Paulette, Chloé, Jennifer Cardini, etc.


- CLAAP! & SANTANA just joined The Gum Club
- Out now: Dune Music Video
- Out now: New EP « Dune » on Partyfine with Yuksek and High Ceilings remixes
- Celebrating more than 1,000,000 plays on Spotify for « Dimanche »
- Out now: Feadz & Santana « Glue » on Ed Banger's 100th release « Ed Rec 100 »
- 2016 was busy: Quick video recap of all our 2016 releases
- Out now: Feadz & Santana « Wiggle » on Ed Banger
- Out now: Remix of Ma/Ji's « Unchain » on The Djoon Experience
- Out now: « Air » on Partyfine's Compilation vol. 3
- Out now: Remix of Yuksek's « Sweet Addiction » on Partyfine
- Wonderland Magazine premiered our new music video
- Our vinyl « Release Your Body To The Best » with Mike Simonetti is sold out, repress soon!
- Out soon: Moonlight Matters new album featuring Satana on the song « I feel Love »
- Working on music for the video game Duelyst
- Working on the debut album of CLAAP! & Santana

EP's / Singles

- Dune EP, Partyfine
- Jacques feat. Santana, Exploited
- Danser feat. Santaoloria & Santana, Exploited
- Mike Simonetti feat. CLAAP! & Santana - Release EP, 2MR
- Flash EP, La Belle
- Dimanche EP, La Belle


- Panteone - All Bagatella [High Ceilings remix]
- CLAAP! & SANTANA - Dune [High Ceilings remix]
- MA/JI - Unchain [CLAAP! remix]
- Yuksek - Sweet Addiction [CLAAP! remix]
- The Grind - The Braeke [CLAAP! & SANTANA remix] (Part 1 & 2)
- Yann Dulché - Gare du Nord [CLAAP! remix]
- Dean de la Richardière - Afghakistan [CLAAP! remix]
- Fat Phaze - Babydancer [CLAAP! remix]
- Polo & Pan - Plage isolée [CLAAP! remix]
- CätCät - Boarding [CLAAP! remix]

Music Videos

- Dune Music Video (Produced and edited by CLAAP!)
- Jacques Music Video (Produced and edited by CLAAP!)
- Dimanche Music Video (380k views / produced and edited by CLAAP!)
- Flash Music Video (coming soon)

Collaborations & Featurings

- Feadz & Santana - Glue, Ed Banger Records
- Feadz & Santana - Wiggle, Ed Banger Records
- Moonlight Matters - I Feel Love (feat. Santana), out soon
- ATTAR! - Looping (feat. Santana), Hello play!
- ATTAR! - 45 Days (feat. Induce & Santana), Eskimo Records

DJ sets & Shows

1772 Market St, San Francisco / 37.2 Festival, Gruissan / 99 Sense, NYC / Acapulco, Calvi / Acme Fiesta, Mexico City / Anarchic, Brussels / Art Basel, Miami / Behind the Green Door, Beirut / BC, Paris / Café Belga, Brussels / Calvi on the Rocks Festival, Calvi / Capitale, NYC / Chez Maxim's, Paris / Chez Moune, Paris / Chez Tao, Calvi / Cinéma Paradiso, Grand Palais, Paris / Clap Ferret Festival, Cap Ferret / Cuckoo Club, London / Decks on the Beach Festival, Beirut / Dublab Radio, LA / Ejagz' Parallel Unvierse, LA / Elec'Tonic, Paris / Été d'amour, Paris / Faust, Paris / Fogasház, Budapest / Freehand Hotel, LA / Grazia Magazine, Paris / Jalousy, Brussels / JF Chen, LA / Hôtel Americano, NYC / Hôtel W, Paris / Kin Kin, Guadalajara / Kube Hotel, Paris / La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Paris / La Maison Sage, Paris / La Vue, Paris / Le Bain, NYC / Le Baron, Cabourg / Le Baron, NYC / Le Baron, Paris / Le Baron, Tokyo / Le Fantôme, Paris / Le Perchoir de l'Est, Paris / Le Perchoir Marais, Paris / Le Perchoir Mk2, Paris / Le Printemps de Bourges, Bourges / Le Riviera, Paris / Leonor, Mexico City / Les 3 P'tits Cochons, Bourges / Les Bains, Paris / LOVE, Brussels / Material Lust / Maxim's, Paris / Miss Jones, Beirut / Neuehouse, LA / New Balance / Nouveau Casino, Paris / Paradise City Festival, Belgium / Pavillon Puebla, Paris / Playboy Party, Paris / Pop Plage Club, Annecy / Nüba, Paris / Régine, Paris / Rinsed, NYC / Showcase, Paris / Six Club, Cap Ferret / Skybar, LA / Temple, San Francisco / The Lot Radio, NYC / The Grand Factory, Beirut / The Rooftop at The Standard, LA / Tropicana, NYC / Unlimited Festival, Chamonix / Villa Schweppes, Calvi / Villa Schweppes, Cannes / Wanderlust, Paris / Yoyo, Paris...


You can listen to CLAAP!'s mixtapes here: http://claap.com or here: http://mixcloud.com/claapyourhands

DJ Support

Pete Tong, Erol Alkan, Tim Sweeney, dOP, Aeroplane, Digitalism, Yuksek, Todd Edwards, Michel Gaubert, Pedro Winter, Anna Lunoe, Tobitob (Moonbootica), Sam Divine, Phonique, The Disco Boys, Yolanda Be Cool, Axel Boman, German Brigante, Xinobi, DJ Paulette, Anoraak, Plastic Plates, Jacques Renault, Blende, The Mekanism, Compuphonic, Chloé, The Swiss, Munk, Jennifer Cardini, Marcus Marr, Giom, Shir Khan, Rancido, Mickey, Kotelett & Zadak, Alland Byallo, Click | Click, Luke Million, Nick Catchdubs, The C90s, Sven Dohse, Villa, The Supermen Lovers, Polo & Pan, ATTAR!, Moonlight Matters, Greg Pidcock, Mike Servito, Justin Miller, Tronik Youth, Rodion, Telonius, Sean Glass, Thomass Jackson, Jerry Bouthier, Black Van, K.E.E.N.E., CätCät, Playmode, Ingo Sänger, Aroop Roy, Alien Alien, Earl Grey, Kito Jempere, Mo Laudi, Qzen, Lopezhouse, Herr Styler, Fabrizio Mamarella, Isa GT, Phred Noir, Haito Göpfrich, Spanks, Musa, Mr Puzl, Menage a trois, Simon le Saint, Panteone, Anja Sugar, Samuel Bailey, MA/JI and many more are supporting CLAAP!'s music.


- France Inter, Foule Sentimentale, France (Dune on june 30th, 2017)
- Beats 1, Hyperhouse(Summertime [Yuksek remix])
- Radio Nova, France (Interview on may 23th, 2017)
- Radio Raje, France
- Radio C Lab, France
- The Beat Ldn 103.6FM, London
- Stereo Chic Radio, France
- Dublab, Los Angeles (African music live mix on november 15th, 2016)
- The Lot Radio, NYC (Live DJ set for Lot Radio Transmissions on october 29th, 2016)
- Radio Lounge, Germany
- BLN.FM, Berlin
- Radio Campus, Brussels
- Zündfunk, Bayern2, Germany
- Funkhaus Europa, WDR, Germany
- CISM 89.3 FM, Montreal
- Dublab, Los Angeles (Live mix for « Elevation Through Sound » Radio Show on june 22nd, 2016)
- Radyo Mood, Istanbul
- FluxFM, Berlin
- Secousse Radio, France
- Arlea Radio Hits, Madrid
- Radio Nove9Sei6, Sardegna
- Couleur3, Switzerland
- Radio Nova, France (Interview on may 16th, 2016)
- Beatx Radio Station, Bolivia
- Rinse France, Paris (Live mix on february, 15th, 2016)
- Dublab, Los Angeles (Live mix for « Elevation Through Sound » Radio Show on november 25th, 2015)
- France 4, France (« Monte le son » TV Show on june 15th, 2015)
- Radio Nova, France (Interview on may 19th, 2015)
- Tim Sweeney's Beats In Space, NYC (broadcast live on WNYU 89.1FM in New York City on April 7th, 2015)
- Nova Club, France (Live mix on june 21st, 2014)
- France 4 (« Monte le son » TV Show on 05/05/2014)
- Nova, Paris
- FG, France
- Faubourg Simone, France
- Mellotron, France
- Vitamine, France
- Radio Marais, Paris
- NRJ Relax, France
- Pure FM, Seychelles


- Shir Khan Presents Exploited 2016 FFWD RWD (Jacques)
- Partyfine, Vol. 3 (Air)
- Shir Khan Presents Secret Gold, Vol. 7 (Danser)
- VOID: Neo Disco (Dimanche)
- FG Deep House 04 (Flash club radio remix)
- Deep House Fever 02 (Oh!)
- Technikart 01 - Indian Summer (Flash)
- Electro Fever 2015 (By FG) (Muddy Boots)
- French Touch Vol. 01 (Dimanche Mike Simonetti remix)
- Best of Lounge 2015 (Dimanche Mike Simonetti remix)
- City Lounge 1.2 (Dimanche)
- La Belle Chimaeras (Dimanche Mike Simonetti remix)
- Spirit of Deep Electro, Wagram Music (Muddy Boots)
- Electro Lab vol. 2, Wagram Music (Dimanche)
- Summer of Love (Plastik Magazine) (Dimanche)

Articles / Blogs

- ZO Magazine (Interview)
- Jack (Le son du jour: Dune [High Ceilings remix])
- RTL (Dune in RTL's selection of the 17 summer hits of 2017)
- Complex UK (premiere of Summertime [Original])
- #DayuseExperience (Dune EP)
- Big Shot Magazine (premiere of Dune [High Ceilings remix])
- Discobelle (premiere of Summertime [Yuksek remix])
- Torréfacteur (Dune EP)
- Villa Schweppes (Dune EP)
- Electroboogie Encounter (Summertime [Yuksek remix])
- Jetsociety (Summertime [Yuksek remix])
- Indie Rocks! (Interview, Mexico)
- Standard Hotels (Interview, live video & mix at Le Bain, NYC)
- ilovethistrack.com (Plage isolée [CLAAP! remix])
- Discobelle (Jacques Music Video)
- Clique (Jacques Music Video)
- Wonderland Magazine Video Premiere (Jacques Music Video)
- LAMP Weekly Mix #130 (Interview + exclusive mix)
- LAMP Track of the Day (The Braeke (part 1 & 2) [CLAAP! & Santana Remix])
- The Arts Factory Magazine - La Playlist du Mercredi #166 (Dimanche)
- International House of Sound (Danser)
- Greenroom (exclusive 4 hours mix)
- Le Torréfacteur
- Moarrr Mixtape Mondays (Interview & Mix)
- Musicali
- Yeste Finde Qué
- Redbull.com Italy (Interview)
- Les nanas d'Paname
- Harder Blogger Faster
- Moarrr
- Rockets
- La Villa Schweppes (Interview)
- Don't Believe in Jet Lag (Interview)
- Grazia (papier) n° 251
- Minutebuzz (Interview & Mix)
- Last Gas Station
- Trendland
- Rockets
- Dance Like Shaquille O'Neal
- Itinérairebis
- Vacarm
- A Life In A Track
- Como las grecas
- Sicario
- BonjourBonjour
- Le Mellotron
- Torréfacteur
- Jeanpaultarte
- AudioPorn Central / Moarrr
- Acid Stag
- Jeanpaultarte


- La Playlisterie
- Yuksek for Data Transmission
- Mode34b
- Vogue x Marks and Spencer (Womenswear A/W '15 Trends) / Video here
- Todd Edwards for Kitsuné
- Louis Vuitton (Summer 2015 Collection)
- Hugo Boss (Hugo Tracks)
- DJ Ness
- Les fleurs du mal
- CätCät
- Luke Million
- Just Gazing


Snapchat: @claapyourhands

Flash EP

- on iTunes
- on Soundcloud

Dimanche EP

- at the famous parisian store Colette
- on iTunes
- on Soundcloud
- on Spotify